2014 YOGA Teacher Training SCHEDULE

Taylor Made Yoga

Jan 25 & 26 2014 Trauma training for PTSD in Barrie,Ontario

———————————————————————————————————————————-           Bridge to 500hr Yoga Teacher Training

You will receive a 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and a Certificate as a Certified Trauma Yoga Practitioner upon successful completion of hours, OM Work Assignments and apprenticeship.

Tuition Investment is $2350.00 plus tax which includes book requirements, any additional course materials, apprenticeship role, skype nights which each participate will be leading the group on a rotational basis for meditation and the study of The Bhavagad Gita and the Yoga Sutras

Dates as follows:

February 22 9am-6pm March 22 and 23 9am-5pm both days April 26 9am-6pm May 10 9am -6pm

May 31 for i Run and Rock-United by Trauma (representing trauma yoga) June 14 9am-6pm July 12 and 13 9am-5pm both days


Heart Smart Yoga for Cardiac Patients Teacher Training

March 29 and 30 2014 (9am-5pm both days) 



300 Hr Yoga Teacher training starting May 10th 2014 including traditional yoga teacher training, trauma,resiliency, brain injuries and yoga for cardiac patients. 



 Please Contact Nicole Taylor  taylormadeyoga@gmail.comDSCF0049

United By Trauma www.irunandrock.ca



For anyone who doubts the power of yoga and mediation


Taylor Made Yoga for Cardiac Health

Healing-the-HeartFall 2013 is the Launch of Yoga for Cardia Health

Classes and Workshops available…..check it out first in Ontario to offer classes and Workshops” Taylored” to Cardiac patients including: high pressure problems, stroke and cardiac patients.   contact Nicole Taylor taylormadeyoga@gmail.com or 705-252-8819

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Barrie,Ontario!!!


Taylor Made Yoga: starting September 2013!!






Sessions are 1 Weekend/month, home work assignments and Skype tutorials

i Run and Rock-United by Trauma Video

Support those that protect you!! ARoyalCanadianMountedPoliceofficerw

What a great day!!


i Run and Rock- United by Trauma

Many thanks to everyone  involved for making June 1/13  i Run and Rock-United by Trauma a very special day!! photo

i Run & Rock / United by Trauma


         iRun and Rock / United by Trauma event was developed by a group of volunteers that work the front lines of emergency services on the streets and in the hospitals.
After learning that Newmarket MPP Frank Klees’ efforts to pass a bill to recognize “First Responders Day” lost momentum when Parliament was prorogued in the fall of 2012, these volunteers decided to take action themselves.
This event is completely organized by volunteers with proceeds being dedicated to PTSD research in emergency services, and continued outreach within the first responder community. The proceeds are controlled by a grant application system administered solely by the i Run & Rock Organization, and will be awarded solely for research related to PTSD in first responders.
The goal of iRun and Rock / United by Trauma is two-fold.  First to publicly recognize the sacrifice all members of our emergency services, first responders, military and their families make when choosing to serve their communities and country.  Secondly,  to educate these members, their families, and the community that emergency personnel don’t only place themselves in harm’s way physically, but more often emotionally and psychologically.  Statistics show the devastating effects of Operational Stress Injuries such as PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders have on these dedicated professionals that have chosen trauma as their trade.
Though their uniforms may be different, their cultures are very parallel as they will always be united in trauma.  They witness more hurt, sadness, death, and horror in one shift than most people see in an entire lifetime as they unselfishly perform their duties in times of crisis.; however, these scenes, sounds, smells, and images are branded into their minds forever….even for the most hardened veterans.
iRun and Rock / United by Trauma wants to initiate a cultural shift in first responders, emergency workers, and their organizations to reduce the stigma surrounding operational stress injuries, and to start teaching the importance of emotional survival with the same enthusiasm in which each profession teaches physical survival.
The inaugural iRun and Rock event is graciously sponsored by PACE Savings and Credit Union.
It will be held on Saturday June 1st at the Ray Twinney Sports Complex in Newmarket, Ontario.
The event will consist of a 1/5/10km run, Full Battle Rattle team event, followed by a concert inside the Ray Twinney Complex.
Registration and donations can be completed online on our website at www.irunandrock.ca
The concert will showcase various 1st responder bands to be followed by our headlining band Glass Tiger There will also be several “special guest” appearances that you will not want to miss!
Event Timeline
June 1/2013
09:00   Registration
11:00    Run starts
13:00   Full Rattle Battle Team Event
14:00   Concert Starts
18:00   End of Event
Education will be delivered throughout the event

educate to remove the stigma of PTSD!!


What are Warriors made of ??

Recently the i Run and Rock committee had one of our core meetings. We each took turns  giving a detailed debrief on the progress of our sections.  As I was reflecting the meeting I was thinking these warriors  have adopted my friend Lisa and I into their circle and truly it is an honour.  These first responders have experienced the toughest of the toughest traumas and have had to deal with people on their worst day….and this is what they have chosen to do…it is not an easy road but that is why they were drawn to be a first responder because they are Warriors in every meaning of the word to serve and protect. As I have come to know these strong men I also have scene their kind and compassionate side that also makes them so special.

Recently a new warrior has joined i Run and Rock “United by Trauma”, a brampton Fire Fighter….Unbelievable, he drove to Newmarket to help out with a video that we are putting together for the i run and rock event.  I stood in the corner off to the side with tears rolling down my face thinking about how so many strangers from all over have united to help each other out.  But like an OPP Officer said to me last week “we are always helping everyone else we forget about ourselves”……THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WARRIORS ARE MADE OF….a special quality to put others first and the daily sacrifices they make to keep us safe!!!  These men and women are Guardians and Warriors….I have never be more proud then I am now to join them in this battle to remove the stigma about PTSD…we WILL win….I have no doubt…besides I have been trained by the best Army Officer in the business…Billy Boy!!!!